My professional path began the day I graduated from Temple University with a bachelor's degree.

I had been a student in the Radio, Television and Film School on the Broad Street campus in Philadelphia. During my last semester in 1976 I had taken a photography class. For my final project I chose to take a photo of a concert at the Spectrum, get it published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and write about the experience. I accomplished that goal.

This was to be one of the most important days of my life.

I then received a call from A & M Records, the label that handled the artist who was in the newspaper> I was asked if I had any more images of the performance. Of course I did and we struck a deal. I became A & M's local photographer.

Now picture this: I went to the building where A & M's local offices were. I walked through the main entrance and every door inside featured a sign with a different record company logo.

As I knocked on A & M's door with a stack of black and white 8X10's under my arm, someone from another label opened their door and ask me to come see them when I was done at A & M. Every time I went to that building the same thing would happen with a different record company. Every label in that building took me on as their Philadelphia photographer.
Jackpot! I hit the lottery!

Two years later I became affiliated with Retna, a small photo agency based in New York and London. They loved the fact that I had taken posed photos of John Lennon. I was Retna's fifth photographer. Now closed, at one point Retna had more than 5,000 photographers.  My new agency is MediaPunch, owned by a dear friend.

Over the years I have worked for many clients and have been published in hundreds of books, magazines, newspapers and web sites. I have had photo shows in New York and Philadelphia and examples of my work are featured in a rock-art show that travels throughout the country. I have been the staff photographer for weekly entertainment papers.

Earlier in my career I chose to move beyond music photography, and the public relations side of my journey was born. I have served many clients for more than 25 years. ​
Other highlights of my career have included a weekly two-page spread of celebrity photos in The Philadelphia Inquirer's Sunday magazine section, “Inklings,” which appeared for nearly four years. I had a six- year relationship as the staff photographer for Philadelphia Style magazine; and I was the staff photographer for the Live 8 concert.

I am now beginning another phase of my journey: family keepsake photography. I will come to your home, gathering, or celebration and capture life- long images of your loved ones that you will cherish.

Feel free to browse through my web site and see the many aspects of my ongoing career.

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President Trump departs Air Force One for the first time as President during a visit to Philadelphia, 1-26-2017 © Scott Weiner