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RUSH Wandering The Face Of The Earth

I recently received this 10-pound Rush book that has a photograph (top left) of the band taken by me in 1977 as the group left the Tower Theater after a fantastic performance. As I continue to do, I pose bands the way I see them. In this case, I asked the band to open the limo’s sunroof and pop through for my image. They did and I got the shot.

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U2 at Philadelphia’s Bijou Café, 1980 © Scott Weiner

Elton John performing at Wells Fargo Center 2013© Scott Weiner

5 Seconds of Summer with a customized Philadelphia pretzel, 2014 © Scott Weiner

President Trump departs Air Force One for the first time as President during a visit to Philadelphia, 1-26-2017 © Scott Weiner